Tons of touristy things to do in Ushuaia. They had a little steam train you could take in to the Parque Nacional Tierre del Fuego.

They crammed us in like cattle. Mooo…

Than a boat ride on the Beagle Channel.

Thought these were penguins at first, but they are not (and of course I forget what they are called. In one ear, right out the other.)

An Antarctica bound ship.

Finally some penguins.

The boat dropped us off at Ranch Harberton.

Next a visit to a husky sled dog training camp.

More of the area surrounding Ushuaia.

Back to downtown Ushuaia.

I took an insane number of pictures of Ushuaia and the surrounding area. You can find them in a separate folder in my picture archive if interested. Ushuaia was a pretty cool town. Lots to see and do. Definitely worth the visit.



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