Left Ushuaia on an absolutely gorgeous day. Ushuaia is located in such a nice area. It’s odd how it takes days of traveling through nothingness to get here. I’m glad that such a nice place is the reward after persevering Argentina’s windy flat lands.

But once I hit the flat lands the sun disappeared and it got cold again. After passing back in to Chile, I tried a different route back to the ferry crossing. But it was more of the same.

Spent that night in Cerro Sombrero at a small hotel that was recommended to me.

The hotel had two price options. One room had a private bath while the other was shared. The price difference was huge so I opted for the shared bath. Just like a dorm in a hostel I figured. I’m used to that. But damn, this place was used by oil workers and the bathroom was simply nasty. What the hell do they feed these guys? That night I found out.

The attached restaurant served a single dish. It was some kind of pan fried flat mystery meat. It had no real taste that I can describe. It was edible, but I prayed that this stuff wouldn’t come back to haunt me. That night the oil workers stayed up late watching their soaps. Can’t believe how popular soaps are down here.



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