The wind was brutal again. How can people live out here in these conditions? I past a farm house where a lady was putting up clothes on the line. It was blowing all over the place. I bet it dried in seconds in this wind.

At the ferry, I ran in to Remy, Andy, and Anja, all from Zurich, Switzerland. Remy was riding a Transalp he rented, while Andy and Anja were two up on a GS. They met each other on the road a few weeks earlier. We were all going to Puerto Natales so I decided to tag along.

Came across this abandoned town that had some ship wrecks.

The wind remained fierce. The bikes were sucking down the gas fighting the wind so we stopped at a gas station to fuel up. Unfortunately their tanks were empty, but the owner assured us that a delivery would arrive in less than 2 hours. So we waited.

Waiting for what seemed like forever.

I can’t recall how many times the owner told us just 15 more minutes, but roughly 4 hours later a truck did arrive and we were good to go again.

Mmmm, precious fuel.

The wind picked up even more. To the point it was almost dangerous. Remy with his lighter Transalp was really struggling. We decided to call it a day in a little nondescript town we came across. The problem was it had no hotel and setting up a tent in this wind would have been really tough, if not impossible. Fortunately we found accommodations in a row of small kiosks being built next to a rodeo arena. There were three that were not locked so we each had our own room.

Hanging out in the rodeo arena hiding from the cold wind.

Made for a fun night.



2 Responses to “Cerro Sombrero, Chile to Some Deserted Rodeo Ring”

  1. john on March 7th, 2010 2:29 pm

    El Gringo – I completely “spaced” your email from last Nov. I never look on ADV for messages. Sorry. I understand the capture of this site – I had to swear off for awhile – spent way to much time living vicariously, than being present in my own space. Anyway – did you finish your trip or still on the adventure? I’m leaving next week for a 2 month trip of my own. Taking Tiger for a ride around the US seeing friends & family. No real schedule, just approximate time and open route. Think I’ll take that road less traveled. Hope winter gives way to spring soon. Trust you’re well, wherever you are. TTFN Pal, j

  2. admin on March 10th, 2010 8:47 am

    No worries. Still on the road in South America, but rapidly rapping it up. Currently in Buenos Aires.

    Have a great time on your trip. Two months seems like an ideal amount of time. Let me know if you post something so I can follow along.

    Take care and safe travels.


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