Back in Puerto Natales we went back to the same hostel we were previously. I actually had some reservations about coming back here. I didn’t think much of the place the previous time, but what the hell. That night we had some drinks as is pretty typical with bikers to celebrate the days events. Also, in the morning, we’d split paths. Andy, Anja, and Remy were bound for Puero Montt on the ferry while I would continue north on the ruta 40.

We were having some drinks in the common area down stairs when we were asked to go up stairs because they wanted to close that area. No problem, we went up stairs. A while later a disgruntled Aussie covered in tats complained that we were being too loud and that he could not get his beauty sleep. No problem, we’d hush up and I even offered him some ear plugs. Using ear plugs is pretty typical if you’re going to sleep in a dormitory. I guess he considered this place a 5 star. The Aussie declined the ear plugs saying they were not enough. Later on we were told that we could not stay in the upstairs area and should go down stairs. “But you closed that area?” The stair well would be just fine. Ok, so now we are sitting in the stair well. A bit later we were told we’d needed to go outside across the street. We don’t want any trouble so we go across the street and hang on a park bench. A few minutes later, the lady who ran the hostel comes out to tell us if we don’t go to sleep right now, she’d call the police. And what are they going to do? But what the hell, we give up and call it a night.

The next day we split paths and I continued north on the ruta 40 to El Calafate. Had a great time with them. They will be missed.

Once again I crossed border back to Argentina. I’ve now lost track on how many times I’ve crossed the Chile/Argentina border. Their long border stretches along the most scenic areas of both countries, the Andes. They really should set up some kind of speed pass border crossing.

The ruta 40 as desolate as ever:

In El Calafate, I hit the campground suggested by Remy. There I met two bikers from Germany, Magu and Adi. A married couple who had been on the road for over two years. They had sold everything and have been living on savings ever since. These people could seriously stretch a dollar. Living out of their tent, they bypassed the expensive hostels (and they are typically dirt cheap). They spoke very little English so I had to use my German. My dad would be proud.

I visited the Perito Moreno Glacier that same day. A monster glacier that is actually growing in size. Unlike most glaciers in the world that are receding.

Back at the campground in El Calafate, I had dinner and shared a big bottle of wine with Magu and Adi. Good times.



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  1. Todd Fuller on March 15th, 2010 4:57 pm

    great pictures, really incredible, would love to be living your life.

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