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Ushuaia, Argentina and Victory! : MotoPsycho  

Victory!!! Ushuaia, the end of the road. The farthest south town accessible by road. The end of the Pan American highway. And here is that must have shot.

All this trouble just for a single photo? I must have taken a good dozen just in case.

Yeah I know, what a dork!

So what does one do in Ushuaia? Its actually a pretty big tourist destination and there is a lot to see. So I got in to tourist mode and checked the place out. First a view of the town from above.

And below

Went to the little town museum.

Ushuaia was once a prison colony.

On to something more interesting. Hike up the mountain to the glacier. You could take a chair lift, but walking seemed better.

There were some people skiing it.

Ushuaia is a nice little town. Way better than Prudhoe Bay which was nothing more than an industrial zone. I’ll have no problem staying here for a bit.



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  1. Brian on March 3rd, 2010 5:52 pm

    Congrats, Helmar! Thanks for posting your updates to your FB page, they’ve been interesting to follow. Be sure to give yourself plenty of relaxation time before the trip home.


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