The initial plan was to simply spend the night in Taganga and head out, but everyone told me Id be a fool if I didn’t visit the Parque Tyrona. So I headed out by bus to Tyrona with Kess and Lauren two travelers from Australia. Left Ruby with the fine people at Hostel Felipe.

This would be my first bus ride on this trip. All I can say is that this is no way to travel. Slow, loud, cramped. Im sure there are better buses, but there is no way it will ever compete with traveling by bike.

Anyway, after you take three buses you get to the park entrance, and the rest is by foot (or horseback if you are so inclined) The trek takes about two hours (can be done in less) but absolutely worth it. Some of the nicest beaches I have ever seen. Even rivaled Hawaii. Pictures speak louder than words so…..

Hanging out with a few fellow travelers. From left, Lauren, Kess, I forget and Megan who were from the states:

I met Meredith, aka “DirtGirl” here as well. She’s on a KLR and cruising around Colombia for a month. Good to see woman riders on the road.

I spent the night on a hammock and got eaten alive by mosquitoes and sand flies. Had to get up a couple of times to apply more deet. At one point, a dude in a neighboring hammock came over to me. He could smell the deet I was putting on, and pleaded for some. Of course, no problem we’re all suffering here.

The next morning I opted to take a boat back to Taganga. Got completely sunburned in the process, but what a ride. The boat bounced all over the place.

Good times.



2 Responses to “Parque Tyrona, Colombia or Fun In The Sun”

  1. HBH on December 16th, 2009 9:02 am

    You are in your zone….
    No need for B.A.T.
    Just lots of fun and GGW.
    Keep it coming.

  2. Pete on December 16th, 2009 9:13 am

    Dude! Glad to hear you had the sense to use the deet this time.

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