Taganga is only 5 km from Santa Marta. Despite this it still took me over an hour to find it. The unmarked access road is dirt and goes over some rail road tracks before it turns to tarmac again. I got the help from a local biker who showed me the way. No fricken way I would have ever have found it otherwise.

Taganga is almost the polar opposite of Santa Marta. This place can not be missed. It’s much more laid back than Santa Marta, and a fraction of the size. This is beach bum paradise. You can walk along the cliffs to find other secluded beaches or make your way to Playa Grande, which despite not having an access road is just swarming with people and bars. Cool place to hang.

Playa Grande:

I stayed in the Felipe Hostel that had some of the friendliest and most down to earth people. They had a built in restaurant who’s cook could compete on Iron Chef. Best damn thai-beef Ive ever had. Literally melted in your mouth.

I got there early so I decided to do some bike maintenance. Got to keep Ruby tip-top. This time around it was the rear brake pads.

Talk about waiting to the very last minute. When I got new tires in Guatemala, the dudes at the shop wanted to replace them early. I told them no, and got 5 extra countries out of them.

Skip Santa Marta, and go straight to Taganga. Hard to find but well worth it. At the risk of being labeled “passive aggressive”, I must say that I could stay here for a very long while. Inside joke.



2 Responses to “Taganga, Colombia or Now This Is What I’m Talking About!”

  1. Anthony Ayala on December 15th, 2009 10:19 pm

    Hey H,
    I’m happy to hear about this great spot you found…
    Hope you find many more on your journey…
    Safe travels hermano!

  2. admin on December 16th, 2009 5:16 am

    Thanks A, Wish the whole gang was here to party. Take care.


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