Santa Marta is your typical port town. The beach here is nice and inviting, but as for the rest of the town not much can be said. Not entirely sure why I decided to stay here for the night. I ended up in an really expensive hotel that overlooked the water. The told me they had secure parking, but they failed to add that it was in some neighbor’s backyard. WTF?

No doubt, one of the best parts of visiting Colombia is the people watching. Hanging back at a beach side café sipping a cold beer and watching the woman wearing the tightest of tight clothes stroll by. In some cases, they can’t even get their pants zipper completely closed. The road side candy here is endless. All the dudes around me chuckle to one another as one beautiful lass after another walks by. No Spanish required to know what’s on everyone’s mind.

At night the town did come alive. Colombian’s start celebrating Christmas even earlier than us Americans. Christmas decorations are up everywhere. Its actually really odd considering its like summer here, yet you have Santa all dressed up and on his sleigh. Shouldn’t they put him in shorts at least? Maybe on a surfboard?

Santa Marta can be skipped. Tomorrow I hit Taganga only a few clicks away.



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