Still on the road heading north. With traffic, small towns, and countless checkpoints (although you don’t need to stop, just slow down) I figure it will take awhile before I hit the coast. The bad part is I’ve descended in elevation in to the low lands, and the humidity is through the roof.

I decided to stop just before the next big town to get a hotel. I’m staying at a truck stop hotel. Can’t help thinking that the rooms here can be gotten by the hour.

The lady who helped with the room was so friendly.

While the lady who ran the restaurant was the biggest bitch imaginable. She radiated evil. What opposites.

Meanwhile down stairs while I’m writing this, there is a group gathered around Ruby checking her out. A lot of pointing and discussion. I guess the BMW is a rarity around here. One group leaves just to be replaced by some new faces. They all want to touch her too. That’s a big no no in the states, but as long as they don’t start taking her apart, what the hell.

I’m noticing that many locals first reaction to me is to laugh. Instant smiles and hysterical laughter. But what are they laughing at? The way I look in my insanely hot space age riding gear? The overloaded bike? My oh so cool bandanna? All of the above? Not sure, but it really gets the people rolling. I guess anything that puts a smile on one’s face is a positive. Better than a frown and machete. I always end up laughing with them. It’s a bit strange, but all good.



2 Responses to “Not sure, Colombia or Go North Old Man”

  1. Krissy on December 10th, 2009 11:03 am

    Maybe you should make sure there isn’t a sign on your back that says “gringo” or something?

  2. admin on December 15th, 2009 1:39 pm

    I think I scream “gringo” where ever I go.

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