I got up early to try to beat the Bogota traffic, but at 6am the roads were already grid locked just like in L.A.

Once out of Bogota, I finally got to see the Colombian country side. I was blown away. What a diverse country. In one section I even hit some desert with cactus. The terrain changed continuously as you went up and down the mountains. Beautiful twisty roads made riding the best.

I stopped for the night in Bucaramanga. It’s Thanksgiving so I decided to stay at a hostel. I didn’t want to spend the night in a hotel cell on this day. I went to a hostel up on the side of the mountain that overlooks Bucaramanga. This place is also a para-gliding school. It had the typical assortment of Europeans backpackers. They were all pretty cool. Fortunately they were all into flying so the conversation never degraded in to politics, and “What’s wrong with America” lectures.

We barbecued steaks and potatoes that night on a fire pit that overlooked the city. Was actually a perfect place to spend the night. Although, I would have rather spent the day back in the states with friends and family. Wanna you goin do?



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  1. Pete on December 8th, 2009 10:24 pm

    Dude! That looks great. Wish I was there. The weather is starting to turn crappy in SoCal, and I’m not getting out on the Triumph that much. Had a lot of nice Fall riding though. I’m still eyeing the possibility of hooking up with you for the North America leg of your trip.

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