The next morning the VPN issue continued. Something was seriously wrong. I called my man back in LA to try to figure out what the problem was, but he was at a loss as well. And then the calls started. Problems always come in waves. The bug was holding up production, and this issue needed to be fixed immediately. Shit! License and sales problems starting coming in from across the globe as well. Double shit! Without access to the system, I was effectively shut down. The reliance on technology here is huge, and when one thing goes wrong…you’re screwed!

I went to a library to try another connection and still nothing. Realizing that I was in a middle of a serious system melt down, I decided there was only one option, I needed to abort! And only 3 days in! [Expletives deleted]

Spent the rest of the day on the South 101 high tailing myself back to LA. Here’s the sad bike as we rest for a moment.

So my first big bike trip ends in a total disaster. Did not even make it out of the state. Perhaps things were going too well. Laguna Seca was the best, and to have something like that just fall into your lap, well there just had to be repercussions.

The end of round one.



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