After the races, I continued up north along the coast. Ideal riding weather.

The Golden Gate Bridge:

Here’s Alcatraz.

And San Francisco.

More beautiful California coast line:

Met a lot of racer bikes on PCH and it was a joy trying to keep up with them. Life was good.

Then I started seeing some business activity on the old crackberry. (It was now a Monday and the work week started) This would be the first test of the system on the road. I had tried many dry runs in the city and was fairly confident that all would work well. One of my bigger clients found a bug in the software, and it needed to be fixed. No problem. I setup the machine, got on to the web, and tried to access the VPN. Multiple attempts, and nothing. Could just be the web. Why else would it just suddenly stop working? Perhaps tomorrow it will be better. Don’t things magically fix themselves over night?

I decided to get a hotel room so I could get a controlled environment to help diagnose the problem and higher speed access. Wasn’t too concerned about the technology break down at this point. This stuff happens. I figured Id get this to work before morning. Was more pissed that here I was now in a hotel after spending a couple of nights in a trailer, and had yet to do a single night of camping. I was getting soft.



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