First on the agenda for the day was to get some exercise and take a nice hike. I took the McKinley Bar Trail which started just a half mile from Wonder Lake. Nice quiet trail. A bit muddy in places, but a perfect way to start the day.

Not the longest trail in the world, but very nice. It ended up here.

On the way back, the sky started to clear a bit. If you look hard you can see some blue sky.

Then suddenly a mountain appeared. Could this be Mt. Mckinley?

I thought to myself, well ok, this is cool, but its not quite as big as I though it would be. Still impressive. But then I realized I wasn’t looking at Mt. Mckinley at all. This was just a foot hill. I needed to look a bit to the left.

My god, this thing is fricken HUGE!!!

Never got the perfect Ansel Adams view, but I could make out the top and bottom at different times.

There is a catch all bus that runs back out of the park. It starts out empty and picks up anyone that needs a ride. I jumped on this bus for the trip out. Again, just a few people on board, and plenty of room to move about. While taking the camper bus in to the park may be easier said than done without a camp reservation, taking this bus out is not a problem. This will get you off the crowded tour buses.

One of the more comical parts of the bus ride is the animals you see. The bus would stop and the driver would point out caribou. They were nothing more than tiny dots off in the distance. They could have been elephants for all I know. Nevertheless cameras clicked away non-stop. The guy next to me must of have taken a dozen photos of these dots. Later we some some mountain goats. The same things, tiny dots in the distance.

But then finally we did see a grizzly and her cub up close.

Another angle on the merging of the two rivers.

There was this individual on the bus that I could not make out if it was male or female. Either a really feminine guy, or an extreme tomboy girl. Later I talked to the individual, but still could not make out gender. I figured it would be rude to ask.

And then I was back at the entrance. Here is my little camp spot.

And one last pic of the Denali sign to prove that the bike was there.

So Denali was great. Got to see the big mountain, and some wildlife. But I think that visiting this place in the Winter would be better. Everyone told me that in the Winter time the skies clear, and the mountain comes out of the clouds. Those incredible shots of the mountain you see on post cards were taken in the winter. Will have to put that on the to do list.



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