Wonder Lake

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I decided to spend the night at Wonder Lake for the sole purpose of finding some solitude. This is much easier said than done on a motorcycle. The irony being I travel alone, and you would think that isolation would be the norm. Far from it. I needed to get away from it all, so why not camp at one of Denali’s most remote camp spots.

I took a camper bus all the way to Wonder Lake. This is definitely a much better way to travel in to Denali. Every tour bus I saw was packed, while the camper bus had just a few people. I had a bench seat to myself, and you could move around the bus very easily. The bus driver was full of information about the park, and would stop the bus whenever we wanted for photos as well. I could see the people in the packed tour buses look at us with envy.

Here are some pics on the ride out. Unfortunatly, the weather did not cooperate and it was overcast and rainy.

Two rivers of different sediment combine.

Full size bus, and only a handful of people:

Part of the road had a very steep drop off. Kept thinking to myself, what if the driver is on the verge of losing it. Day after day of the same route with tourists asking him the same questions. It would be too easy. Just turn a bit to the left….

At the visitor center, we saw Mt. Mckinley in all her glory:

There was this very nice quilt hanging on the wall. Lot of detail. I used my imagination and it was like seeing the real thing. Mt. Mckinley is very impressive indeed.

Afterwards we traveled through dense fog, and couldn’t even see the road ahead of us. But in the end, we made it to Wonder Lake.

Just what I was looking for. Surrounded by untouched wilderness in all directions.

Camp spot:

After setting up camp, I walked around a bit.

About 10 minutes after taking this shot, the same raggedy fox showed up again with half a rabbit in its mouth.

Went to sleep that night in heavy rain. Didn’t let up at all. But I was in my warm cozy sleeping bag, and with the taps of the rain on the tent, I was out like a light.



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