Today I finally got back on the road, and left my comfy little dorm room. Can’t believe I was here for a whole week.

FYI: If interested in staying here, you want to go to Bartlett Hall. There are people here 24 hours a day, and can set you up with a room at any time. Cheap!

I headed south toward Denali. Wanted to spend a few days there and explore it a bit. Camp in the back country and do some hiking as well.

Backtracking does suck a bit, but fortunately there were still things to see that were missed earlier. Stopped at the rail road museum in Nenana and checked it out.


Back on the road.

Than I was back in Denali. You can ride about 13 miles in to the park. After that you have to take a bus.

Stopped at the Savage Patrol Cabin. Made every effort to avoid the herds of people traveling on the tour buses, but that was an exercise in futility.

The girl who gave the talk about the cabin did something very cool. She play acted like a young school girl from that time period and told us about the daily living routine in the cabin. I could tell that this park was a bit different. Afterwards, a man told us about how you could get medicines from just about every plant in the surrounding area. Aspirin, anti-biotic wraps, upset stomach medicine, laxatives, even stuff for cramps during a ladies monthly friend (given to men too if they got too cranky we were told). I had no idea.

Notice the nails on the window shutters to keep away the bears.

I setup camp while this little guy kept me company.

Later that night I went to a campground talk given by a ranger, and learned about the Arctic Ground Squirrel, the most important animal in all of Denali. Afterwards the ranger setup a game board, and we played a round of Jeopardy to see how much information we retained. Sounds a bit corny, but was really a lot of fun.

This park is quite a bit different from anything Ive been to before.



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