North Pole

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Getting coffee this morning, I ran in to George the BMW mechanic at the coffee shop. He recognized me immediately.

“Hey what happened to you?”

I told him how I went to the Walmart parking lot and did all the bike maintenance there. He thought that was a smart thing to do, and we ended up hanging out and talking for an hour. He is literally an encyclopedia of information. Im glad I ran in to him again.

Decided to take a day trip to the North Pole after finishing the day’s nonsense. Perhaps get a picture of me with Santa for my nephew.

Everything in the town of North Pole is about Santa and Christmas. The street poles and fire hydrants are painted like candy canes. Christmas slogans are draped over everything. Id imagine that this is what a bad acid trip must be like. Has this town gone mad?

Went inside Santa Land to get a picture of Santa and me.

But he was gone for the day.

Every winter they get over run with letters to Santa from kids with their Christmas wish lists. This is just a tiny sampling:

Inside Santa Land they played Christmas carols all day. If I worked here, I think I would go postal in time.

Outside they had some reindeer. Rudolph looked a little beat up. That’s what you get for being the favorite.

An interesting place to visit for sure.



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