I hung out with the crew from Venezuela while in Fairbanks. One of them had ridden down to the southern point of South America as well. They were now all heading south toward Venezuela back home. Man, how tempting to ride with them all the way to South America. Really good people, and fluent in Spanish as well. But they are excellent riders, far exceeding my skill level. It would be tough to keep up. They got speeding tickets on the Dalton doing 120 mph in one of the dirt sections. They had proof on their GPS. That’s insane! I didn’t know that a GS could even go that fast.

They were riding the same bike as me, and one of them had some serious electrical problems. After switching out the computer the problems persisted. Finally they discovered that it was a faulty relay on the fog lights causing all the issues. Who would have ever guessed that?

A friend of theirs wrote a little poem for them. They translated it to English for me, and I thought it really captured the motorcycle travel experience. I asked permission to show it, and was told that would be fine.

Won’t translate it to English, but for all you Spanish speaking people, enjoy.

They took off the next day, while I needed to stay in Fairbanks for a few more days for work. Looking forward to visiting their part of the world some day.



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