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Today’s mission was to ride some of the famous route 66 and visit my sister in Prescott Valley. Less heat, but more humidity. It even rained on us a bit. Something about the smell of the rain in the desert. One of the best smells in the world. Love it.

We had a great lunch at the Road Kill Café in Seligman. Than continued on to visit my sister. As usually it was great seeing her and my niece and nephew. Wish we could have spent more time with them, but my sister was off to Europe the next day to visit my Omi. The sump guard bushing bolts arrived as well. Talk about perfect timing

Ruby had her second issue today. Her front head light burned out. So she’s two for two now.

Oisin is convinced that Applebee’s is one of the great food places in America. The last time I was there, I was completely horrified. But it was quite a few years back so I figure it would be ok to try it once again. It was so so. Gave it a 6 out of 10. Edible and didn’t have to run to the toilet after wards.

We’re still very much in the process of getting our kits and camera gear in order. Still don’t have an ideal solution for shooting video from the road. We found a cheapo 1080p camera at target, we’re going to test out tomorrow. For $150 sounds a bit too good to be true.

Over and out.


First Day on the road. This morning we started out thinking that we’d be off by 10:00. That quickly turned in to 11:00, and than finally became 1:00pm. Everything takes forever. What we thought would take a cool 20 minutes to pack, took over 2 hours. Granted it was wishful thinking.

So we took off in to the heat of the day. The bike immediately felt a bit funny with all the extra weight. I figured it was just a matter of getting used to it again, and sure enough a few hours on the road, I hardly noticed it at all.

The ride was brutal. The heat was unrelenting. My thermostat showed a high of 106f. At one point, I even started to fill a bit dizzy. We quickly pulled over and I downed a liter of Gatorade. Oisin was dying from the heat as well. And think that we initially were going to go through Death Valley which at last check was 121F. I think we would have died there.

Ruby had her first problem. The rubber bushing bolts that hold on the sump guard both broke. I noticed that they were deteriorating a while back and order a few extras on Monday. Had them sent to my sister’s in Arizona. Hopefully they’ll be there when we show up on Thursday.

Oisin’s bike is also having an issue. The final drive is starting to sweat something fierce. We pulled the drain plug out just a bit to see if there was still enough fluid in the system. What we found was very bad. While the final drive still had fluid, it was rancid. It was black as tar, and smelled like sewage. I don’t think the fluid has ever been changed. There is no play in the FD so hopefully the bearings are ok. We’re going to get it fixed in Phoenix next week.

We tested our little lipstick cameras on the bike, and the video just blew us away. Far beyond expectations. Initially we though we’d use these just for small clips, but I can see us using them a lot. The mounts Harry helped make for us are just amazing. Lots of flexibility. Really looking forward to mounting the cameras in interesting places.

We made it all the way to Kingman. Found a bar and grabbed a few brews. I must have lost ten pounds in sweat today. Brutal just brutal.


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